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 Enriching the Future by Preserving the past begins with Homesteading!

Homesteading is about living off the land and while being self-sufficient it also involves being part of a community. There are many ways to enrich the future by preserving the past. Here at The Hall Heritage Homestead, we started out small. We first bought land. Only a small 3 acres, but you can begin preserving the past on as little as 1 acre or on as many as you like.

Through the years we’ve slowly incorporated a new homesteading element until we are content in our overall goals. Here you’ll find chickens, gardening, canning, recipes, and even some DIY.

Due to my chronic illness we also like to live simply. The SpoonieChick section provides more spiritual elements in this space. Different ways we stay grounded in a slower paced lifestyle and faith. Along those lines, you will also find simple tips that make daily life a little bit easier.

Like most small farms we make a living by selling eggs, chickens, and handmade products. We have some of our purpose driven items in our online shop. We offer canning classes once or twice a month. If you want more information on classes we offer head on over to our Events page!

Lastly, we also make a living through affiliate links. This means you’ll stumble across advertising for products we personally use and endorse. When you click their link and make a purchase, our homestead will receive compensation from the company for referring you.

We hope you’ll stay and visit for awhile. For announcements on eggs & chicken sales, canning classes and our monthly newsletter please subscribe and receive 5 FREE Lessons on Canning Basics!

Counting blessings, spoons & chickens!
~Nichole the SpoonieChick at
The Hall Heritage Homestead