4 Strategies to Help Clear Away the Cobwebs of Brain Fog

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Suffering from brain fog is one of the hardest parts of chronic illness.

Does brain fog get the best of you? Wake up in the morning feeling unfocused? For me, it’s like cobwebs clouding my vision and covering my thoughts. As I stumble to the coffee pot, I pray that one cup of caffeine will do the trick. Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

So how do I function in the midst of muddled thoughts? Truth is, I don’t or at least not very well. My long answer is there are a couple of things I do when brain fog controls my days.

First up: I drink that first cup of coffee and sometimes two. A shower goes a long way in pushing away the brain fog. On a severely bad day it doesn’t always work, but I try it anyway.

Secondly: I’ll take magnesium and a B complex. These two vitamins help tremendously with my brain fog. The only time it doesn’t help is when hormones hit.

Thirdly: Essential oils do not always combat my illness, but when they work, they work. Some of the best ones for brain fog are peppermint, spearmint & now Edens Gardens has one called Focus! (This is an affiliate link)

Lastly: I’ll drink a bit of sole (sol-AY). This is  a salt water solution. You put 1 teaspoon into 8 ounces of water and drink. This stuff is awesome. If you’ve never made it, check out Wellness Mama’s post on how to do that.

If I do all of these things and my brain fog still lingers, I just go back to bed because that’s sign it’s a gonna be a really long, bad day.

How do you beat brain fog?

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