5 Ways to Connect with Your Children as a Spoonie Parent

It is hard to connect with your children when you can’t play ball or take them shopping.

Between the ages of 2-12 children can be most physically demanding. What’s a girl to do when you can’t get out of bed?

Often times, we improvised. While I couldn’t go outside and play ball or take my kiddos shopping or to the park, we found ways to connect.

Here are 5 ways to connect with your children as a spoonie parent.

  1. Play games in bed: My girls piled in bed with me and we played games. Everything from Candyland to Cards gave us great ways to interact. They learned life lessons on winning and losing and games provided quality time well spent.
  2. Watching TV: While many parent rebuke this, I found it helpful. We found a show we all enjoyed watching and it became a time of questions and answers based on what characters underwent.
  3. Reading: Children love to be read too. In our home if there’s one thing I don’t mind spending money on, it’s books. We piled in bed and read for hours and hours together. Sometimes they even read to me!
  4. Coloring: Coloring provides relaxation and fun! Children love to color as do many adults I know. It doesn’t take much energy and your kids will love doing this with you!
  5. Online games: This is another one other parent bawk at. My girls and I joined free websites where we could play online games together. A couple we liked are Poptropica or Animal Jam. Often times this allowed me to be involved in their interests and teach them about online safety.

The beauty of these activities is that you can replenish your spoons while participating. You are nurturing a healthy relationship with your children and teaching them life lessons you might otherwise make time for.

As your children age they will become more independent and you adapt based on their interests. Instead of watching Scooby-Doo together you watch 7th Heaven. Instead of playing Candyland you play Monopoly. You read Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia replacing the Hungry Catepillar. You graduate to adult coloring books and you connect on Pinterest or Instagram and Facebook.

Being a spoonie parent doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your children and teach them life lessons. It just means you do it in a way that looks different than every one else.

How do you as a spoonie parent connect with your children? 

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