Are You Afraid to Fly?

Photo Credit: DaveSW

Photo Credit: DaveSW

Running for me is a very spiritual time. A time when I feel the Lord’s presence as I think about my day and what He wants me to accomplish. When I run, I listen to Victorious Justice. Go ahead and make fun of my love for preteen music. I’ll just pretend I can’t hear you snickering. She sings a song called Reason Why. Here are the lyrics. She of course, is talking about a boy. But the part that gets me every time is the chorus:

You might be crazy
Have I told you lately that I love you?
You’re the only reason that I’m not afraid to fly
And it’s crazy that someone could change me
Now no matter what it is I have to do, I’m not afraid to try
And you need to know that you’re the reason why

As I listen to the words to this song, I can’t help but think of Him and sing these words to my Lord. I specifically like the line You’re the only reason that I’m not afraid to fly because to me what He calls us to do as moms, teachers, writers, encouragers, and friends is never easy.

He molds me and shapes me into who He wants. Sometimes through hardships and discipline, but always with love. And it’s HARD. At first, I am resistant to it as my culture tells me I shouldn’t change for anyone and people should love me the way I am. But the way I see it, if anyone is worth changing for, it’s my God. Because he is changing me for the BETTER.

And often times the things He calls me to do are beyond my comprehension, beyond my own abilities and beyond the person I currently am.

But just like the song says No matter what it is I have to do, I’m not afraid to try. He gives me the courage to tackle the impossible, the courage to be the most uncomfortable and the courage to get out on that limb and fly.

Question: How have you been challenged to fly? Are you willing to change to do it?
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Nichole is a writer, a wife and a mom. She strives to stay positive and productive in the midst of chronic illness. When she isn't writing or taking care of her family she is working on her small homestead. She lives in Arkansas with her husband, two daughters and fourteen chickens.
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  • Lisa M. Collins
    My steps dogged by a lack of confidence for so long. I am making strides to get out from underneath the shadow of feeling like I am never enough. Your post reminds me to keep on fighting the good fight.
    • mnicholeh
      Lisa, it's so easy to lose confidence in life. Although it's cliche, remember all things are possible with the Lord. I'm glad you were encouraged by this post! Keep on fighting girl!
  • Jenny Carlisle
    Flying would be wonderful, but it's that first leap off the cliff that's tough. That's when we need the Lord to go with us. Great post.
    • mnicholeh
      Thanks Jenny! You are right! That first leap is the toughest. But Peter walking on the water comes to mind. He did it until he took his eyes of Jesus. That's when he fumbled. So as long I stay focused on Him, I know I can fly :)
  • Mary Denman
    Am I afraid to fly? A bit. Have I been challenged to fly? That's a great question. One, I will truly ponder. It's exciting to think about. :)
    • mnicholeh
      Thank you for your honesty Mary! We are all afraid to fly at some point in our lives. For me, it helps to know I am not alone. I can't wait to hear what you come up with after your pondering. Please keep me posted!