How Do You Survive the Chaos of Life?

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The past few months have been difficult, at best. Satan has really used the little things to wear me down. The stresses of daily life have taken their toll and I have found myself needing more rest than usual to function.

Work has been stressful, children have been antsy waiting for school to start, my schedule is overloaded and it’s all I can do to be pleasant. My head hurts, my heart hurts and I’m tired of being tired.

Most moms soaked up time with their kids last week before school started and I’m merrily pushing mine out the door. I love them, but my girls drive me crazy bickering back and forth and my body is about to pass out from lack of routine this summer.

The house is on the market and under contract (yay!) and I’m busy packing so I can be out in three weeks. Time slips away as I think of all that needs to be done before the writing conference in September.

Life has been crazy to say the least.

The only way I’ve been surviving is to make my bible study a priority (even though there are days I’d rather get right to work on what needs to be done). Right now, I’m playing catch up, as I’m three days behind. I have to make lists or nothing is accomplished and I rest at opportune times.

But giving fifteen minutes to the Lord every morning somehow sets everything else upright. The table stabilizes and I no longer feel like I’m in a game of Tilt, shifting my feet to keep marbles from rolling off in all directions.

That quarter of an hour gives me just the strength I need to balance what’s been put on my plate for the day. And then I fall into bed every night praying the next day will be better than the last.

Question:  How do you survive the chaos of life? Are you playing a game of Tilt? It’d help to know I’m not the only one!

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Nichole is a writer, a wife and a mom. She strives to stay positive and productive in the midst of chronic illness. When she isn't writing or taking care of her family she is working on her small homestead. She lives in Arkansas with her husband, two daughters and fourteen chickens.
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