How to Stay Productive while Laying on the Couch

Being productive with a low spoon count can seem insurmountable.

On days when my spoons are low, I lay on the couch and look at all the work needing to be done. How will I ever catch up? Dishes need to be done, laundry stares back at me and no one has paid the bills.

The list goes on and on while my brain gets flustered over all the things waiting to be accomplished. I love to be productive, so on the days I can’t be physically product I find ways to still be productive.

Several ways I stay productive with a low spoon count.

First make lists: This helps me in more ways than one. Making lists pushes all of those thoughts and tasks from my mind onto paper. This is my first step in being productive. If I don’t list what needs to be done, I don’t know what to tackle first. These lists consist of physical chores (vacuuming), mental chores (faith based discussion with kids), online work (email & shopping) to grocery store lists.

Once I have my lists, I separate them into doable vs non-doable. This is from a physical standpoint. I’m obviously unable to do the laundry and dishes at this point, but I might be able to catch up on my emails and online correspondence from the couch.

Thirdly, from your organized stacks put out all the ones that require physical activity and place them to the side. You will use these later when your spoon count is higher. Items on my physical list will include weeding the garden, cleaning the chicken coop or mowing the yard. You get the idea.

Next, pull out your lists of activities that require strong mental power. This is what you’ll work on today. Things on these lists include: meal planning, paying bills, answering emails, making a grocery list, or even promoting your business on social media. These are all tasks achievable from the couch.

Upon compilation of these prioritize which tasks you will accomplish first. List them all out on a separate sheet of paper. This will help keep all of your tasks together. Now get to it. Move your way down the list until all of your tasks are complete.

Don’t forget to stop for snacks and lunch, so you don’t lose more spoons than you’re making. Once your list is complete you may not feel physically better, but you have been so productive you feel your day of rest was not entirely wasted.

How do you stay productive on a low spoon count?

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Nichole is a writer, a wife and a mom. She strives to stay positive and productive in the midst of chronic illness. When she isn't writing or taking care of her family she is working on her small homestead. She lives in Arkansas with her husband, two daughters and fourteen chickens.
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