Meet the Flock

Hi y’all!

My name is Nichole Hall & I’m the momma hen of the flock at the Hall Heritage Homestead.  I’m also known as the SpoonieChick. While I suffer from chronic illness I am not defined by it, nor allow it to hold me back. My husband and I own, create, and operate this homestead together. As I’m the organized one, I take care of the chickens, gardening, cooking & administrative duties like budgeting, planning and blogging.




My husband is the rooster of our flock. He’ll answer to anything, but we call him Curtis. As he is the one with all the muscles, he does the heavy lifting around here. There are just some tasks I can’t do on my own and he obliges. I couldn’t run this homestead without him!



We have two teenage girls (our pullets) we are super proud of.

Our oldest is Meagan and she is a homeschooler. She loves to read, write, draw and travel. Her heart is bigger than this little homestead. We have no doubt she’ll be doing great things in the world as she has already traveled to the Dominican Republic to serve children who are less fortunate than herself.


Our youngest is Aubrey. She goes to public school and marches to the beat of her own drum. This girl loves dinosaurs, dragons, anime and drawing. One day we anticipate she will be a graphic designer or a paleontologist digging in the dirt searching for dinosaurs.




We’ve said for years we felt like we were born in the wrong era. My husband and I like to live the old way and that takes effort in this day and age. Living in the city of St. Louis for a short time provided a taste of the busy life.

After five years of marriage and one chick added to the flock, we moved further south to Arkansas. This gave us a taste of country life and we added to our flock with our second child.

Twelve years later, we purchased our first homestead. It’s a small plot on 3 acres. We raise chickens, till a garden and do all those fun chores needed to keep a homestead running.

The beauty of operating a homestead in this day and age is that we get the best of both worlds. Machinery enables our chores to be less laborsome, but working in the soil allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Both sets of our grandparents were farmers. My grandfather farmed rice and my husband’s grandfather farmed cotton. Homesteading and farming are part of our heritage and that’s why we named it so.

We are on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, so please connect with us in whatever way works for you. We are so happy to meet you and welcome to the flock!