The SpoonieChick

Life as a spooniechick is not always easy.

Because I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Migraines (and also because I love chickens) I call myself the SpoonieChick. For those of us that measure our energy level in spoons we understand one another when we say we’ve only got 2 spoons left for the day. If you don’t know what the spoon theory is read about it here.

Being a spoonie demands life at a slower pace. In our current day culture everyone is on the go and seldom takes time to slow down. We live in a high stress environment, hopped up on painkillers or muscle relaxers. We push ourselves to the brink and when we are at our breaking point, we swing through a drive through grabbing food that isn’t even real.

This is where my spoonie life and homesteading life collide.

Determined to live a better quality of life we started on a mission. A search to feed our minds, bodies and souls, good wholesome food. As a result, my family and I created the Hall Heritage Homestead.

On this homestead we take time out to think and process life. The parts that elate us and even the parts that make us want to crawl into the barn and never come out! Often times we meditate while completing chores on the homestead or when the garden requires a good weeding. All four of us process our thoughts and emotions in different ways and in our own time.

Most often we go back to our roots and discuss matters at the dinner table. Everyone’s opinion counts and we work together to find solutions to our problems. We aren’t all happy all the time, but we are real together. And being real means being honest and working through our junk and to keep choosing joy in the process.

One way we keep choosing joy is through our faith. You’ll find many posts specifically about how we live out our faith in our Spoonie Faith section. Life as a spooniechick (or living with one) is hard and you’ll find most of our strength comes from the Almighty.

We strive to raise our children to be independent. Our homestead houses daily chores and daily challenges. My illness creates unique situations within our family dynamics and our Spoonie Parenting section offers unique strategies, support and love when the going gets tough!

Also, one of our favorite sections is the Spoonie Tips. These are real life practical tips that make being a spooniechick more doable.

Whether you are interested in the SpoonieChick or just want to check out our Homesteading life we are glad to have you!

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